By Fei Nie

Nourishing Your Relationships

4 Ways to Nourish Your Relationships – From Yourself to Others!

This week on the blog we’re talking all about nourishing relationships — from the one with yourself (the most important!) to the ones you nurture with others — your family, partners, and friends. Our health and well-being is a huge help or hindrance when it comes to interrelating with others, and studies have shown that approaching relationships with a positive outlook is essential. This love season, we’re all taking a look at our personal relationships. Here are  a few tips to inspire your motivation. 

Relationship with Self: Prioritize your own needs. 

This is the most important relationship and often the most overlooked! If we are not in a good relationship with ourselves, we are not in a good position to extend and receive love from others. Consider how to think of yourself, talk to yourself, and treat yourself. Is it with love, respect, and kindness? Are you taking care of your basic needs, like eating well, exercising, and managing your mental health? It can feel like a lot, but many of these aspects of self-care only need a few minutes of intention each day for astronomical effects. 

Relationships with Family: Set Boundaries.

Family relationships can be the most tricky, that’s for sure! It’s a fascinating dynamic we all live with, since we begin as children and end as adults within the same set of people. Often, the relationship does not mature with time as it should, and many adults find themselves playing roles that don’t accurately reflect their place in life. It’s important to set boundaries with family. Know your own limits and needs and share them with your family in a loving, thoughtful way. Make specific time to be together and ask that your private time is respected.

Relationships with Friends: Choose People Who Lift You Up

Ah, friends. An endless source of relational issues to navigate! Some friends are forever and some you find yourself with only for a few years or even a few months. The key to friendships is surrounding yourself with good people, people who empower and encourage you, and likewise, people you want to empower and encourage. 

Relationships with Lovers: Get Active. 

No one forgets falling in love. It’s amazing – all-consuming, exhilarating, and feels like the bliss bubble will last forever. Usually, usually (we’re not saying it can’t happen!) it doesn’t last forever, and the relationship turns into something very different – something that demands a lot of care and attention. Harvard Health suggests getting active. A study showed that couples who engaged in “flow activity” – things like hiking, learning a new skill, having sex, or even doing a puzzle – felt more positively about their partner and their relationship afterward. In contrast, couples who watched TV or engaged in more sedentary activities felt neutral or more negative about their relationships afterward.