Relaxation Blend
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Find your inner calm!

Feel your body unwind and your mind release its grip on stress. By gently soothing your body and mind, Harmony promotes a sense of balance and tranquility that can alleviate stress, reduce tension, and create a serene oasis in your daily life.

Whether you're seeking a moment of peace after a long day or aiming to enhance your overall well-being, Harmony is your steadfast companion on the journey to tranquility and relaxation.

Pomegranate paired with apple helps regulate blood sugar, a key component to reducing anxiety and promoting restful sleep.

Schisandra strengthens the body’s resistance to stress.

Cinnamon and nutmeg promote steady and calm energy.
1. Steep a sachet of tonics with 1 oz of hot water for 30-60 seconds

2. Mix it with drinks, hot, cold or bubbly

3. Add ice to cold and bubbly drink if preferred

Breathe in the aroma, take a sip and close your eyes to feel the joy and contentment.
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100% Vegan

No Artificial sweeteners


Organic & Non-GMO

Unlock Your Inner Harmony

All in a sachet

“Transforms traditional herbal medicine to suit modern life”

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