Immunity Blend
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The immunity boost you need!

Feel invigorated, energized, and confident in your body's ability to fend off illnesses. This powerful blend is meticulously crafted to strengthen your body's immune response, helping you thrive in every season.

Elevate your body's natural protection with Thrive Immunity Support Blend – your ultimate ally in fortifying well-being!

    Elderberry helps boost immunity and support the body’s immune defenses.

    Grapes nourish the body's vital energy.

    Lemons help the stomach absorb nutrients.

    Schisandra berry is an adaptogenic herb used to strengthen the body’s resistance to stress.
    1. Steep a sachet of tonics with 1 oz of hot water for 30-60 seconds

    2. Mix it with drinks, hot, cold or bubbly

    3. Add ice to cold and bubbly drink if preferred

    Breathe in the aroma, take a sip and close your eyes to feel the joy and contentment.
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    100% VEGAN



    Immune Boost

    Thrive is designed to strengthen and fortify your immune system with elderberry and grape, helping you ward off illnesses effectively.

    Antioxidant Defense

    Packed with antioxidant-rich superfoods, including ginger, Thrive helps combat oxidative stress and supports cellular health, contributing to overall vitality.

    Adaptogenic Support

    Adaptogens, like schisandra berry in Thrive help your body adapt to stress and maintain homeostasis, promoting resilience and balance.