Our Story

Plants by People is committed to nurturing our body, mind, and spirit by embracing our origins and prioritizing plant-based, natural-food nutrition from Mother Nature.

We blend the knowledge of Eastern herbal medicine with the advancements of modern Western science to create a delicious beverage using pure ingredients and simple formulas that complement your daily wellness routine. Our humble beginning started in our founder Jing DiPiero’s basement with the first product launching in August 2021.

Born in Beijing, Jing developed a resistance to antibiotics at age five, so her parents consulted with a neighbor who is a renowned naturopathic doctor for alternative treatment. She also watched her grandmother, a lifelong smoker, recover from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and asthma after taking potent herbs prescribed by the same neighbor. This is when DiPiero became fascinated with the healing qualities of plants and Traditional Chinese medicine.

Jing Dipiero

Chasing her American dream, Jing attended graduate school in New York. The American diet was not easy for her as she developed serious acne two years after she moved to the US. After living through it for five years, she went back to her neighbor back in Beijing.  She was advised to return to her childhood diet of all-natural ingredients, mostly plant-based, with minimally processed food.  Thus, the inspiration for Plants by People was born. Plants by People quickly garnered national attention by Forbes, VegNews, CBS, NBC and many more. 

Even though many beverages we drink are labeled as healthy hydration. The reality is that they contain artificial flavors, artificial sweeteners, and excipient ingredients like maltodextrin.  Knowing that some of these same ingredients may have contributed to her health issues, Jing decided to focus on delivering her great beverages with only ingredients you can find in your garden!  Every ingredient on the label you can pronounce!

founder jing and guru hari

At the same time, Jing continued her efforts to support sustainability. We further reduced our carbon footprint by reducing the size of our stick pack and adding more sticks per carton. We continue to support innovative dehydration technology, and encourage suppliers to use renewable energy. We use water-based ink free from harmful chemicals and recyclable non-reinforced water-activated tape for shipping – meaning no more guilt about plastic pollution.

Today, Plants by People continues to care about our individual and collective health and wellbeing with a drive to be part of something bigger than ourselves. Ancient wisdom of healthy living through plants is our platform, our passion, and our product. And we're thrilled to be sharing our beverage blends with people who feel the same.

Finding Balance With A Beverage

Plants By People organic beverage blends founder, Jing Dipiero, was picked to speak live on KOIN 6 Portland to discuss her start-up, and they LOVED the organic deliciousness!