By Fei Nie

5 Ways to Bring Superfoods Into Your Diet

You’ve likely heard the term superfood before, it’s popping up everywhere — in your social feed, in the grocery stores, on our blog! Superfoods aren’t anything you’re unfamiliar with, in fact, they’re common foods that you probably already consume. The key to superfoods is that they are nutrient dense. They’re jam packed with health benefits and proven to be an excellent line of defense against disease. Every time you choose to include a superfood in your diet you’re doing your body a major service.

As always, it’s important to eat a well-balanced diet full of a range of nutrients. When building your plate, make sure it’s full of colorful, fresh foods. Focusing on one food group or even one superfood won’t serve you with everything your complex system needs. Fortunately, the natural world is abundant with incredible — and super — choices. Here’s a few ways to bring more superfoods into your life in a balanced way.

1. Drink Plants by People tonics.

Ok ok, you know we had to put that one first, right? The truth is our five different tonics are all packed with superfoods, from berries to herbs to dark leafy greens. What’s more, they’re convenient and easy to consume — you can carry our sachets in your pocket or purse, mix into a glass of water — and voila! A healthy dose of superfoods.

2. Have a handful of nuts or berries as a healthy snack. 

Both nuts and berries have been powerful superfoods since the paleolithic times. Nuts are high in protein and offer essential fatty acids integral to the body’s system. Berries are full of antioxidants and are often called “brain food” – especially blueberries! The best part about nuts and berries is that you can use them in so many ways: on top of your morning cereal or in a smoothie, as an anytime snack, tossed in salad for lunch, or as a sweet treat after dinner. 

3. Use Greek yogurt whenever possible. 

We are big fans of Greek yogurt here at PxP, because it’s such a powerful tool in your diet. Yogurt is full of probiotics, a healthy bacteria that keeps your gut stable. It’s rich in calcium, potassium, protein, and vitamin B. It can help in building muscle and improving bone health. Like many of these superfoods we’re recommending, it has a wide range of uses. You can have it for breakfast alone (with your favourite toppings!) or put into a smoothie bowl. It can be made into dips and salads, a dollop can be added into a soup for a delicious treat, it’s delicious with fish or baked into desserts. The sky is the limit here!

4. Try avocado instead of condiments. 

Avocado is an incredible fruit (though most think it’s a vegetable!). It is full of fiber, protein, essential fatty acids, and vitamins. It’s a fortifying superfood that is also versatile. You can blend it into a smoothie or make a creamy salad dressing with it. It’s a great substitute for mayonnaise – just mash some ripe avocado on either side of your sandwich and you’ll never miss the mayo!

5. Explore super seeds like chia, hemp, pumpkin seeds, and flax.

Seeds are a fun and easy way to get some serious nutritional power into your diet. Because they’re small and easily…shall we say, sprinkle-able? They can be tossed into virtually any meal. These super seeds (and others) are full of protein, magnesium,  and fiber. They’re beneficial to bone, brain, and heart health and can help combat high blood pressure, and high cholesterol. Win/win. 

The great thing about superfoods is there are always new ways to bring them into our diet. What’s your favorite superfood, and how do you use it? Let us know! We love trying new things here.