Delicious Plant-Based Beverage Blends

Packed with superfoods and adaptogens for
overall health, balance and harmony.

Low Sugar


100% VEGAN


Ancient wisdom meets modern life

We follow the ancient practice of focusing on the health of the whole person

The key to a perfect steep

Fun ways to mix it up

• Add a little love to boring oatmeal or cereal
• Blend it in with smoothies and juices
• Freeze it in popsicle or ice cube molds
• Mix it in a mocktail or a cocktail
• Sprinkle it on popcorn or ice cream
• Add a dash of plant goodness to your baking

“Transforms traditional herbal medicine to suit modern life”

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“Wellness-boosting alternatives to coffee, tea, or ready-to-drink beverages”

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“Takes its cues from ancient medicine and modern science”

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"Proud Sponsor to Train Agents of Change in the World of Health"

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Ingredients matter most

That's why everything that goes into our tonics is: 100% organic, Non-allergen, Vegan, Gluten-Free, Sustainably Sourced, Third party lab tested and verified

Goji Berry
Jujube Date
Licorice Root
Ginger Root
Tart Cherry
Green Tea
Schisandra Berry
Plants By People for the planet

Plants By People for the planet

Classical Chinese philosophy advocates being at one with the world and one's community. That's why Plants by People has made a conscious decision to use sachets instead of single-use bottles, thus reducing waste by 95%. Our tireless efforts don't stop there. We use water-based ink free from harmful chemicals and our non-reinforced water-activated tape used in shipping is recyclable– meaning no more guilt about plastic pollution.


Collective Wellbeing Through Daily Self-Care



Excellent 4.87 based on 106 reviews

"Each of the wellness drinks are formulated based upon the foundations of Chinese food therapy and herbal principles. I recommend them to my patients and they are a lovely way to get healthy beverages to children too!"

5 Stars
Ellen Goldsmith, Licensed Acupuncturist

“These tonics are formulated with ingredients of superior quality. As a naturopathic doctor and mother of two sets of twins, I know for a fact they are loved by children and adults alike.”

5 Stars
Dr. Elizabeth Katz, Naturopathic Physician

“Plants by People tonic blends are rich in flavor, aroma and color, fun to play with.  More importantly, they offer added nutrition to whatever I am preparing from smoothies, salad dressing to cookies.”

5 Stars
Dayna Sykora, Plant-based Recipe Creator

“Plants by People tonics are my choice for hydration, especially after a workout.  They not only dehydrate, but also reduce inflammation and support muscle recovery.”

5 Stars
Lauren Wilson, RN and Certified Fitness Instructor

“Plants by People tonics are convenient to make and versatile to pair with food I love. They never fail in delivering a delicious, beautiful, refreshing and nutritious addition to my meals.”

5 Stars
Ashley Castellanos, Eclectic food guide

"I believe in holistic approach for overall health and immediately fell in love with PlantsbyPeople tonic. I like adding them to my smoothies, drinks and sometimes I just mix it with hot water and drink it as is. I love the feeling of knowing every sip I drink contributes to my overall health for the long run! "

5 Stars
Ramanda Xiang, Style blogger

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