By Fei Nie

Let’s Move Your Qi!

It took Einstein most of his life and a generous amount of brain cells to explain to humanity his E = mc2 theory which he first published in 1905. A novel concept at the time as it remains today – the idea that matter and energy are the same thing, but just appear as different manifestations. Today, Qi provides the same curiosity as it describes energy in a similar and somewhat mysterious way. The concept of Qi has been around and in use since about 1,400 BCE. At Plants By People we just couldn’t wait any longer to bring the amazing force that is Qi to the forefront, so we designed a line of products that actually move your Qi in a very healthy and harmonious way. Drinking our fruit tonics on a regular basis is designed to increase awareness and regulation of our vital life energies thereby activating and restoring body and mind.

Qi as Energy

The easiest way to begin to understand Qi is as pure energy. It starts in the form of energy radiating from the Sun to the Earth. Our sun is a star, and thus generates its energy by nuclear fusion. In its core, the Sun fuses 500 million metric tons of hydrogen each second. Imagine that! I find this totally amazing in that this has been going on non-stop for 4.6 billion years. This fusion creates tremendous energy in the form of heat and sunlight which in turn feeds all plants and fuels photosynthesis on our planet Earth in addition to driving weather patterns and the four seasons. 

Qi as Movement  

There is a sense of energy with Qi but also there’s the movement of that energy. If you think about it, energy can be stored – like the energy in a battery or the nutritious energy stored in food as calories. The calorie is a simple measurement unit of stored energy like watts and kilojoules. But what happens when this energy is released from the battery? What happens when we digest our food? There is movement, flow, circulation and lively activity! Qi, in its released form, is expressed as movement and this movement has direction. The wind blows east, west, north, and south. Qi – the movement of energy in nature and also in the body – also has four primary directions of movement. It ascends, descends, opens or closes. Think about it – a plant in the spring sprouting out of the ground ascends, it rises up and sends out shoots and branches. It then opens sending out leaves, flowers and fruits. And then it closes, the fruits ripen, the juices are stored and naturally it descends, the fruits falling to the ground along with the leaves and stem. The energy goes into storage until next spring when these movements begin again. In the body these four natural movements of Qi are also continually at work.  

Qi as Vital Energy

When we are healthy, naturally flowing ascending, opening, closing, and descending movements of Qi are balanced and harmonious within the body. When we are weakened with disease or any other condition the movement of Qi is blocked, stagnant, excessive, or insufficient. We feel better with well-balanced nutrition and sufficient movement and exercise. Our goal at Plants By People is to provide our fruit tonic beverages to help restore and harmonize the flow of Qi in the body so that you can feel your best. We delve deep into the teachings of nature, both modern and ancient, to learn the powers of different fruits and botanicals. And then we skillfully combine ingredients for maximum effect – THRIVE Immunity Support, BLOOM Awakening, HARMONY Relaxing, SHINE Cleansing, GLOW Nourishing. Each of our tonics is a specific formulation and blend of ingredients designed to move your Qi (in the right direction)! If your Qi is blocked or stagnant, the tonics naturally open and restore movement. If your Qi is excessive or deficient, the tonics help restore and strengthen. With every sip, we are moving people, and their Qi, towards better health in a natural way. Restoring our connection with Nature and reawakening what it means and feels like to be in a totally delightful and optimal state of health and well-being – that’s the Plants By People way.  

So go ahead, give a tonic a try and Let Your Inner Sun Shine.