By Fei Nie

How Our Tonics Work: Three Layers of Plant Power

In the middle of a busy day, many of us feel stressed rather than balanced. We may not feel connected with our inner energy. When we feel worn-down, Plants By People is the plant-based tonic that helps balance natural Qi, allowing our inner life force to radiate out.

Food has traditionally been the first form of medicine to activate our senses and nourish our body and mind with nutrients. Our Plants By People tonics are blended using the ancient principles of the 5 Element Theory of classical medicine aimed at wellness and healing. Yet we package the powerhouse plant powder in a modern, convenient sachet. Like a beautiful impressionist painting, we merge nutritional and functional benefits in a colorful and delightful way with three layers of plant-based ingredients.

Organic Fruits

We start with base layer fruits that are inherently healthy and combined to optimize our energy throughout the day. We use organic fruits – grapes, raspberries, cherries, pineapple, papaya, pomegranates, apples, and lemons – harvested at peak ripeness. Each of these fruits has a specific function. Grapes nourish blood and Qi; raspberries stimulate healthy digestion and circulation of blood. Cherries add antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefit; pineapple and papaya provide powerful digestive enzymes, promote detoxification and elimination, and refresh and hydrate. Pomegranate and lemon contain anti-oxidants and help regulate blood sugar, thus aiding with anxiety. Apples are present in all of our formulas and provide digestive support in addition to creating harmony and balance in each blend.

Super Fruits

After the fruit layer there is a super fruit layer – elderberries, goji berries, jujube dates, Aronia berries, and Schisandra berries. These functional powerhouses are intensely colorful and potent in flavor offering a strong functional benefit. The deep colors and rich flavors indicate that they are full of antioxidants, flavanols and phenols which recent scientific studies have shown to be highly beneficial for providing increased energy, detoxification of cells and tissues and the support of our immune functions. Elderberries support immunity. Goji berries and jujube dates strengthen blood and boost our Qi vital energy for a great feeling of vitality. Aronia berries, native to North American and used by Native Americans for thousands of years, act as a super berry to cure colds and protect the heart. They are also rich in antioxidants. Finally, Schisandra berries are adaptogens; they make us more resilient to stress and help calm anxiety.


The third layer and final layer are botanicals in the form of herbs and other parts of the plant – roots, bark, stem, leaves, berries, and flowers. Botanicals offer an even more potent layer of functional effect, energy, and protection. In our formulas, we have selected nourishing botanicals which are commonly found in our kitchens or grandma’s healing soup! Ginger root adds a warming quality and lively flavor while benefiting digestion and dispelling cold from the body. Licorice root is one of the essential herbs used in Classical Chinese, as well as Western and other traditional medicines. It balances blood sugar, circulates energy throughout the body and is supportive and harmonizing to our blend. Cinnamon bark and nutmeg are rich aromatic spices that ground and stabilize blood sugar as well as move vital energy, blood and Qi supporting more steady calm energy.

You can find all of these wonderful benefits in our delightful-tasting plant tonics in a way that fits your lifestyle, via a purse and pocket-friendly sachet. Just add water, stir, and let us help you move you in the right direction. Time to re-connect with your inner energy and let your inner sun shine.