By Fei Nie

5 Reasons to Bundle with PxP

ou may have heard the news — we are now offering four unique combinations of our tonics each with its own superpower in an earth-and-wallet-friendly bundle. Whether you’re looking to boost your immunity, take on the day with more energy, cleanse your body, or achieve better all-around wellness, we’ve got a bundle for you.

Bundling gives you the benefit of having several weeks’ worth of tonics to incorporate into your daily routine while giving you big savings. With free shipping and over 10% off, it’s a no-brainer. Need a few more reasons to bundle? Dang, we thought you’d never ask…

1. Bundling is good for the planet

Buying multiple boxes of our delicious plant tonics at once (c’mon, we all know you’re addicted) minimizes the carbon footprint of our product making its way to you. By using less packaging and requiring fewer shipments, your planning ahead is a mindful act against the climate crisis. We’ve all become a little too trigger-happy with online ordering -— why not take care of your future self, right now?

2. Bundling sets you up for success

It’s commonly held that it takes several weeks — three, in fact — to establish a new routine in the body and mind. Starting a new healthy habit can often feel challenging, but one of the keys to success after making a commitment is ensuring you have all the tools you need to succeed. With our bundles, you’ll have three weeks’ worth of tonics to guarantee you’re capturing that moment of health + joy every single day.

3. Bundling is the perfect gift

We all have that person on our list, the one that seems to have everything…or seems to like nothing. Fortunately, our bundles are perfect gifts. They’re easy on the planet, don’t require a lot of space, create minimal waste, and leave you feeling good! There’s a bundle for every type of person, or our Weeks to Wellness bundle gives you the perfect sampler of all of our tonics. Your giftee will be writing you a thank you card in no time!

4. Bundling saves you time and money

So, we mentioned the cost savings, which are nothing to sneeze at. Our tonics are a premium product with 100% raw, organic superfoods and adaptogens sourced locally. Because we’re committed to providing the highest quality product in the most sustainable way, we’re often limited with how many sales we can run. Bundling guarantees that you always have free shipping, and you always save more than 10% on your order. With those two elements combined, you’re saving 20% on your tonics. Needing to refill your order less frequently (one bundle can last you up to 3 weeks) saves you time and energy! Less filling out order forms, more filling up your cup.

5. Bundling brings joy and health to your doorstep

Ok, then there’s just the fun element. Our tonics arrive gorgeously packaged in brightly designed sachets. They’re easy and convenient — put one in your purse, put one in your pocket. You can mix them into any liquid, hot or cold, bubbly or flat, soup or smoothie. Anything goes. They’re a low-calorie snack alternative: We like to sprinkle it on popcorn and toss one into a cocktail. Simply put, Plants by People tonics are an easy way to get more nutrients in your body, more pep in your step, more smile in your day. We vote yes on bundles!