By Fei Nie

5 Ways Our Staff Keep Their Immune System Strong

As we enter the traditional cold and flu season in the northern hemisphere, it’s important to remember that there are small but important actions you can take every day to strengthen your immune system and lessen your risk of getting sick. Our immune system comprises a broad range of functions within our bodies that help protect and buffer us from ever-changing external environments, like changes in weather, or pathogens, viruses, and bacteria that we come into contact with.  Internally, the immune system circulates energy and oversees proper cell and organ function, ensuring that toxins are expelled and homeostasis is maintained.  We asked our staff to share their own unique ways of keeping these systems strong, healthy, and in action.

“Since I’m the mom of a young child, germs seem to be around every corner so a healthy immune system is critical. My routine for healthy immunity starts with a healthy gut! Having struggled with tummy issues most of my life, I make sure my day-to-day life is conducive to creating a healthy gut biome. This includes eating fermented foods like kimchi, eating very little refined sugars (excluding my love of chocolate), cutting out trigger foods like gluten, and making time to relax through being present and deep breathing.”

- Lindy, Sales Manager

“My morning starts with a tall glass of water and a cardio session at 6:30. I like to get my body stimulated early in the day to gather some natural energy. I have a light breakfast afterward and I like to include some type of immunity support such as a packet of PxP tonic with my orange juice.  These two things (cardio + breakfast) work wonders for me to avoid feeling groggy, sluggish or even becoming sick throughout the day. Most days, I work from home and lose track of time, so I integrate exercise 1-2 times a day, five days a week to keep my body healthy.” 

- Cris, Digital Marketing Manager

“My non-negotiable for immunity is my daily walk with my dog. I usually take it in the afternoon when I hit that slump, mentally and physically. Walking is one of the easiest and more effective ways to protect your immune system because it increases the flow of white blood cells in your circulation. These cells are essential in fighting infection. The fresh air also clears my brain, allows me to connect with my breath and my state of being, and of course — it’s essential to my dog’s health as well, so I feel good about making his day better, too.”

- Caroline, Communications Manager

“My daily routine is to always drink my greens and take a zinc supplement as soon as I wake up. Then, I religiously work out 5-6 mornings a week. Doing these three things every day really helps set me up for productivity throughout my day. The greens contain Vitamin C which increases the production of white blood cells that help fight off sickness, and zinc is essential for cell signaling and immune cell function! Lastly, working out increases blood flow, which will, in turn, warm and strengthen the body’s natural antibody defense.”

- Paige Affiliate Program and Social Media Manager

“My primary immune-strengthening practice is to get enough rest each day so that I can keep my battery charged.  I do this in two basic ways.  Firstly, I always get to bed before 10:00 PM.  Most of our energy is restored during the time of solar midnight, between the hours 11:00 PM and 1:00 AM so you want to be in a resting state at this time and trying to stay asleep until sunrise. Secondly, there is another secret which is totally contrary to our modern work/burn out culture.  During each day it is extremely beneficial for your energy restoration and immune function to rest or sleep for about 20 to 40 minutes at solar noon (between the hours of 11:00 AM and 1:00 PM).  Let’s call it a power nap. The sun is high in the sky at this time but if you can find a quiet place to rest then your body will capture this mid-day energy and store it. The adrenal and kidney functions especially, which are like batteries for the human body, are critical to a strong immune function and response. This power nap practice will recharge your battery for the day and keep you fresh.”