A Healthy, Vibrant You and a Harmonious Community

The Secret of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

• 2500 years of using only natural plant products
• Examining the health of the whole person
• Focusing on root causes of problems
• Used everyday to achieve a more fulfilling life

Make Plants by People (PxP) Part of your Daily Ritual

• 100% organic fruit and botanical superfoods and adaptogens
• Awaken the full body with warming ingredients
• Nourish your Qi, the body’s vital energy
• Made for everyday use

Explore fun ways to personalize and enjoy PXP:

1. Steep a sachet of your favorite with 1 oz of hot water for 30-60 seconds
2. Mix it with water or other beverages, hot, cold or bubbly
3. Add ice if preferred

Our favorites:

• Add it to oatmeals or cereal
• Blend it along to make smoothies and juice
• Freeze it in popsicle or ice cube molds
• Mix it for a mocktail or cocktail
• Sprinkle it on popcorn or ice cream• Bake with it for loved ones