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3 Winners Will Win:

Classic Variety Pack of Mmmly’s Indulgent Cookies ($24.99 Value)

Mmmly reimagined cookies as a new, guilt-free snacking reality with classic flavors we all love. With benefits like gut health and natural sugar from apples, we’re bringing way more to the table than just an indulgent treat. 

One-Month Supply of ResBiotic's Daily Probiotic ($49 Value)

Activate your Gut-Lung Axis to feel healthier and breathe easier. resB® combines clinically studied probiotic strains with ancient herbs for peak performance across your bodily systems – optimizing digestion, respiration, immunity, and more.

2 Variety Packs of Organic Superfood Beverage Blends from Plants By People ($28 Value)

Our delicious and revitalizing line of organic fruit and botanical beverage blends are packed with superfoods and adaptogens. The blends are crafted using natural ingredients and use three layers of plant power to help you achieve balance and harmony with your body.

One-Month Supply of Coast’s Advanced Recovery and Detox Drink ($64 Subscription Value)

Look, feel, and perform your best with one daily drink. Recovery+, the most advanced recovery drink on the market, is scientifically designed to fortify your body and mind with an NAD+ booster, glutathione booster, antioxidants, vitamins, amino acids, and more. 

One Delicious Decaf & One Half Caf Coffee from Savorista ($42 Value)

Discover a new coffee ritual that brings you joy, not jitters! Our astonishingly delicious decaf & half caf coffees are full flavor, naturally decaffeinated, small-batch roasted, and thoughtfully sourced.