By Fei Nie


This week we’re talking adaptogens just like everyone else. Yes, they’re become increasingly popular in the last few years and you’ll find the word on a wide variety of wellness drinks and natural foods – but for good reason! An adaptogen is any herb or botanical, including fruits and vegetables, with properties that increase strength, stamina and provide stress relief, according to scientific studies. Sounds pretty amazing, right? 

So what exactly is their function? They’re known for their “adaptive energy”, an ability to keep your body and mind in balance. They are holistic and versatile in nature meaning one adaptogen may perform in many different ways inside the body versus a drug like penicillin that is very directional and has basically one purpose. An adaptogen can have a different effect in one person’s body versus another’s depending on each individual’s unique make up. 

Adaptogens also aid in regulation and tonification and restore balance in the body. For example, if you struggle with high blood pressure, taking ginseng during the day will help lower it. If, however, your blood pressure was too low one day, the adaptive properties of ginseng would raise the blood pressure. These super power foods have the adaptive ability to always bring balance to the body by returning it to homeostasis. 

How do you know which adaptogens are best for you? has a great list here. It’s important to keep a variety of adaptogens in your routine and not get stuck just using the same one day after day. 

PxP tonics include a variety of adaptogens. Licorice root is used in all of the formulas, including apple, jujube, and ginger. Some, like Schisandra berry, are found in Thrive and Harmony. Each of these adaptogens harmonize and balance the formulas for increased health benefits. But why not try for yourself? And then report back